Our dementia care provision at Cherry Blossom, has been designed around the University of Stirling’s standards, which are widely acknowledged as providing the best living environment for people living with dementia.

This ensures that residents are able to move freely around their home, with their bedrooms and communal areas appropriately laid out and clearly signposted to minimise confusion or disorientation.

Our dementia suite is devoted entirely to people who are living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, with a focus on understanding and supporting them through their journey.

Our staff never loses sight of the fact that, Cherry Blossom is first and foremost, our residents’ home. Our residents are always encouraged to bring important personal possessions, to help personalise their rooms.

Our staff receive training to help them in supporting people living with dementia in our care homes. They learn about the different types of dementia that our residents may have and how they might best support each resident through person centred approaches as well as learning about a range of interventions that may help to reduce any distress and promote well-being.